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Your heart will thank you for it

Dr Rath (Dr Rath Research Institute)

By Dr Andre Comrie

Heart disease remains the number one killer and a major cause of serious debility. Clearly our usual ways of dealing with this chronic disease are failing. We need to find a way to prevent it!

So what can you and I do?

Dr Rath (Dr Rath Research Institute) claims that heart disease is an early symptom of scurvy, a severe Vitamin C deficiency. Long term shortage of this vitamin leads to cracks in the arterial walls – and the process of trying to remedy these results in deposits of lipoproteins and eventually artery-clogging plaque!

Medical Illustrations by Patrick Lynch, Yale University School of Medicine/Wikimedia.

For me, I make sure that I am not ever deficient in this vitamin! That makes sense to me. As a bonus it also protects against stroke and dementia. And I also know that trusting my diet for this is unwise, so I take a supplement. If you want to know which one, and why, please get in touch.

Winter’s coming, so up your immunity

Chronic micronutrient deficiency has serious impact on the heart. A weaker pumping action impairs circulation, compromising kidney function. Excess water accumulates and oedema develops, both signs of congestive heart failure. Irregular heartbeats, shortness of breath, dizziness, wheezing and fatigue follow. So insufficient oxygen-rich blood gets to the tissues.

What might these additional nutrients be? Vitamin E is one. It is an antioxidant which protects cell membranes. Another is Vitamin B complex, essential for the production of usable energy in the body. The heart uses lots of energy!

Also important are:
*Flavonoids combat inflammation and oxidative stress.
*Polyphenols promote mitochondrial function, providing the energy required by the heart muscles – all day, every day, remember!
*Electrolyte minerals ensure that the electric signals are conducted properly.
*Healthy omega 3 fats, powerful antioxidants, are also structural components of cell membranes and the brain.

A long, healthy, happy life requires that you take care of your heart. A nutritionally balanced diet, and vitamin supplements where needed, are part of this caretaking process.


It is true that a well-balanced diet of nutritionally dense foods should supply all our needs, but it is my contention that for the vast majority of us our diets are seriously compromised. Do yourself a favour and take account of what you put into your mouth for a few days. You might be surprised and even horrified!

Again, for me, it’s not worth the risk of running short. If you want to know what I recommend – and have used for nearly 30 years now – please do get in touch.

DrAndré Comrie writes a regular column for The Meander Chronicle. Contacts: 084 506 3643;

Picture, top: File picture by Filip Mroz/Unsplash


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