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Young Midlands trio has it all sown up

The Girls

Young entrepreneurs

Three young women, one goal… to save as much money as they can to soothe their itchy feet, the travel bug having bitten hard.

Savanna, Skye and Shae Price live in Nottingham Road, where they are, literally, growing money. The three make vegetable, herb and salad boxes, which they sell at local markets and school fairs.

“We get left-over timber from houses our dad has built, make the boxes, varnish them, line them with plastic and then fill them with compost that our mom makes. We then plant them with seedlings, interspersed with violas to make them pretty,” say the youngsters.


The have also made tie-dyed T-shirts, which they have sold at markets, schools and on social media.

When they are not involving themselves in splashes of colour and carpentry, Savanna and Skye work at local wedding venues and babysit to make extra cash. Shae will join them later this year, when she has turned 15.

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All of this in between their university studies and school. Savanna, 20, is in her second year of an intermediate teaching degree at Varsity College in Pietermaritzburg, while Skye, 18, is following in her sister’s footsteps. She is working towards a foundation phase teaching degree at the tertiary institution. Shae is in Grade 9 at Howick High School.

In matric, Skye made R22 000 from the ventures the girls are involved in, which enabled her to travel to France. Savanna pocketed R15 000 and headed for Scotland. She is now planning a trip to Australia.

Shae, with Henry Price. Top are her travel bug sisters Savanna and Skye at their home in Nottingham Road.

In three years, when Shae has finished matric, the three plan to hit the white sands of Greece for a little bit of sisterly bonding, but that all depends on whether Shae can resist buying yet another swimsuit and start saving towards the trip.

“She has a fetish,” say her sisters. “Whenever she sees a costume she just has to have it.”

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I ask how often she gets to use them, considering it always seems to be minus 10 in Nottingham Road.

“All the time. She was swimming at Highmoor three weeks ago and wanted to go again yesterday.”

Just the thought of it makes me want to put on another jersey, atop the three I am already wearing when I chat to them.

A wardrobe full of cozzies is probably not a bad thing in which to invest if Greece is the plan and, if she is anything like her sisters, I have no doubt Shae will have more than enough money for her trip and a new swimsuit for every day she is there.

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