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Weston Agricultural College News March 2017

Weston Agricultural College News March 2017

Weston School, Mooi River welcomes Percherons


Megan Frost is Equestrian Manager at Waterford Farms (right), on the left is Weston’s Principal, Mr Douglas Robertson. On the left is Mbongeni Noqwane of Waterford Farms holding Gentle Giant Handsome. On the right is Weston College learner, Jason Fletcher (Grade 10), sitting on Gentle Giant Atlanta.

Weston Agricultural College recently acquired two young Percheron draught horses. The draft horses are part of a project consisting of three partners, namely Dr Peter Dommett of Waterford Farm in Underberg, Plaas Publishing, publishers of Veeplaas and Stock Farm magazines and of course Weston, the recipients of the horses.

The main purpose of the draft project is to teach learners the use of draft animals on the farm. Weston already has draught oxen and donkeys, so the Percherons will complete the project.


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