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Wembley College News May

Wembley College News May

Wembley College sporting stars achieve Midlands status

Midlands achievers (from left) Nicola Herbst, Ruan Warden and John Yeadon

Wembley College is very proud of the following learners selected recently for various Midlands teams:
Nicola Herbst, in grade 5 made it into the combined U11 & U12 Midlands swimming team. This is a great accomplishment. John Yeadon in Grade 6 earned his place in the U12 Midlands tennis and cricket teams.
Ruan Warden, Grade 6, was selected for the U13 Midlands rugby team (submitted by Louise Yeadon)




The Wembley Family tree grows stronger



Wembley School Family Tree
Our first trees were planted at Wembley in 1997 by Mr and Mrs Corbishley who founded our school. The tree numbers are growing in our forest. Many young saplings have matured on our school grounds. Their roots are well established in our soil. Some of our fully grown trees are now producing offspring.

Mr and Mrs Corbishley’s three granddaughters Amanda, Kerry and Hannah matriculated at our school. Five grandchildren are now attending Wembley – Jack, John, Henry, Amelia and Nick. One great grandson Borden started at Wembley in 2016.

The second generation are now arriving at our school. There are four parents who matriculated from our school and are now sending their children to the school. Amanda Barton’s son Borden started at the school two years ago. Theresa Hohls matriculated in 2000 with the first group of matriculants in the school. Her daughter Lindsay started with us in 2016 and this year her son Kyle joined the pre-school. Elzare Slatter finished in 2003 and her son Clarke started in the nursery school last year. Marinda Wilken is another mum who completed her studies in 2007 and she now has two children Juandre and Amore at the school.

We love the depth of our family tree. Our trees grow tall and strong together.

A Rare sighting of 300 Leopards at Wembley School
Leopards are considered the strongest of the big cats because they can climb trees while carrying their heavy prey. Surprisingly enough, leopards can also swim well. It is difficult to spot leopards as they are elusive and solitary animals.
Rare sightings of African leopards, on farms in the Greytown area made it the perfect animal for our founder Brian Corbishley, to choose as the emblem on the school badge. Wembley College wants its students to be strong, agile, graceful and adaptable. We are endeavouring to embolden our students to become individuals who learn to survive and navigate harsh and extreme landscapes.
On Tuesday 2 May, numerous African leopards and leopardesses stalked the school grounds, prowling and pouncing on unsuspecting victims! This sighting of 300 pupils and staff members wearing their leopard beanies is a rare occurrence which happens only once every twenty years.

300 Leopards – sighted at Wembley College

Mrs Dot Corbishley, a committed member of the board had this leopard vision and with a lot of hard work and dedication her goal has finally been realised. Our beautiful leopard beanies were made by Miss Peckham, the multi-talented math teacher and her twin sister Mrs Reed for the twenty year Founder’s day Celebration in September.
This year’s annual founder’s day Duck Derby is going to be an extravaganza – come and join us at this wonderful twenty year celebration of all our leopards. Remember when you enter the Umvoti area you are in “Leopard Country”. Make sure to look out for the elusive leopards.


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