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Wembley College Greytown February News

Wembley College Greytown February News

Wembley College, Greytown attends High School Expo in Botswana

Wembley College attends Expo in Botswana

Broadhurst Primary School in Gabarone, Botswana hosted their High School Expo in early February. Wembley College was one of thirty-five schools attending the Expo. Parents from all over Botswana come to look at school options for their children.  Wembley is a co-educational, Cambridge school located in the country, in Greytown KZN, which appeals to parents wanting a healthy, safe environment for their children.


Wembley College’s Top Ten Gala
Wembley College in Gretown held their Top Ten Gala recently.

Pictured here are the u13 girls getting ready to swim in the Gala.


Wembley College Tennis Stars

Wembley College Tennis Champs






Roger Federer couldn’t control his tears when he defeated Marin Cilic in five sets at the Australian Open, on Jan 29 to become the first man in history to win 20 Grand Slam singles titlesFederer shows us that anything is possible.
Three Wembley students played in the Midland Tennis Trials this month at Kershaw Park Tennis Stadium in Pietermaritzburg. Nthando Ngcobo and John Yeadon qualified for the u13 Midlands team which will compete in the KZN Championships in mid February.
Qaphela Mzila, the highest ranked player at Wembley College, qualified a week later for the U15 Midlands Tennis team of eight players. This is the first time in Wembley’s history that three boys have made it into the Midlands Teams

Wembley College athlete wins Gold at Puma School Event

Sarah Barber

Sarah Barber from Wembley College took part in the Puma School of Speed athletics this Saturday 10 February. She received gold for long jump and gold for 100m.

John Yeadon



Wembley Cricketer at Umvoti Sixes
John Yeadon represented Wembley College at the Umvoti Sixes




Wembley celebrates Love                                   Tree-Planting at Wembley celebrates 15 members of Aheer family

Valentine dance at Wembley College

Since 1979, Jadav Payeng, an environmental activist, has been planting thousands of trees on an Indian river-island threatened by erosion. Payeng’s home is the largest river-island in the world. He has turned an eroding desert into a wondrous oasis of forest reserve. India as a nation is committed to planting trees. Last year, volunteers in India planted 66 million trees in twelve hours. Planting trees is also part of our Wembley culture and each year the school plants indigenous trees to honour founders, staff and scholars.

Mr DR Aheer with his children and grandchildren, planting trees at Wembley College

Last year, Mr DR Aheer one of the lucky winners at the annual Duck Derby, requested the money he won, be spent on purchasing trees to plant on the Wembley grounds. The trees will be a remembrance to members in his family, who have attended Wembley and as a reminder of the Aheer family’s close association with the founders of the school. Wembley has been privileged to have fifteen members of the Aheer family attend the school.

On the 5 December 2017, Mr DR Aheer, the Executive Chairman of The Aheer group and his family planted six, indigenous Celtis Africana, commonly known as white stinkwoods, next to the Wembley tennis courts. The school would like to encourage other families to plant trees on the school property to increase our tree numbers and remember our students.



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