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Wembley College App-titude gives pupils the edge

Wembley College teachers and pupils are learning all about App development and the foundations of robotics.

Each day thousands of mobile apps are published to the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Some are games, others social networks, and many are ecommerce apps. In today’s competitive business world, successful companies need mobile apps and smart business tools to connect with customers and ensure that their business processes are efficient and effective.

Wembley College selected four IT pupils to participate in an app development course hosted by Mobile App and Web Development giant, Magnitude.

Magnitude was developed by Simon Bekker of GoMobile in 2013. He founded GoMobile with the intention of developing user-friendly and cost-effective solutions to help businesses collaborate and enhance their quality of management. The development tools have to be mobile and web-based and have to access all touch-points in a business and offer simple but effective reporting and data analysis capabilities.

Pupils at Wembley College get to grips with the fundamentals of App development.

Magnitude’s app development course at Wembley took place over two intensive days in the IT classroom. The pupils were presented with real world business problems and scenarios and had to develop apps using the Magnitude CMS to solve business issues.

With the guidance of Bekker and his tech savvy team, the pupils first learnt how to operate the CMS environment and were then challenged to develop their own apps. The pupils managed to develop live working apps over the two-day course, and their efforts took them from a Tournament Fishing Journal, to Hair Salon Social Sharing app, QR Code Travel Suitcase app, QR Code Sports Injury app to a fully-fledged school maintenance app that Jan van der Merwe, the school Estate Manager can utilise.

Receive notifications

Mr van der Merwe will receive notifications on his phone of where maintenance is needed in the school. Teachers just take a photo of the problem, add a comment to it, set the priority whether urgent or not and digitally sign it off and send it to him.

These photos are geo-tagged so that he knows exactly where to locate the problem. He receives the notification from the teacher and he can either live chat or comment on it and set a date by when he thinks he can have the issue resolved. Once the maintenance is done, with the click of an icon, the teachers receive a notification letting them know it has been resolved.

The pupils had fun creating their apps and learnt important skills they can now use to make some extra income. We look forward to the development of more amazing apps in the future.

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In the week before school began, two of Wembley College’s new staff members, Mr Jean Scott and Mr André Swart, attended an invigorating robotics course run by Microbotics. The course covered the very basics of electronics, from circuits through to building a basic light-activated racing car and eventually a much bigger vehicle with differential drive, capable of being programmed through Picaxe coding.

While there was a great deal to take in over the week, the content covered during the course inspired the teachers who are going to introduce the robotics course at Wembley.

Mr Scott will be working with Grade 4 and 5, and Mr Swart with Grade 6 and Form 1. This programme will lay the vital foundations needed for the school’s children to understand the basics of coding and robotics.


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