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Welcome rain for KZN Midlands


By Garth Johnstone

It’s better late than never and on Monday, September 30, the first of long-awaited Spring rains finally arrived in the KZN Midlands.

I was on the rounds delivering the latest (September-October) edition of The Meander Chronicle newspaper when, as predicted on my weather app, the skies darkened over Mooi River and rain clouds threatened.

By the time I got to Howick (on my way to Boston), the rain was falling, and by the time I reached Mpophomeni it was coming down properly.

Boston had not had rain yet by the time I arrived there, but it looked promising.

The windscreen wipers had a decent workout in the Midlands today (Tuesday, September 30), as much-welcome rain fell in the area. Pictures: Garth Johnstone

There was decent rainfall in Howick, Tweedie, Mpophomeni and Hilton.

On my way back to Nottingham Road there had clearly been good rainfall in Lidgetton and Balgowan area, while Notties had had some too.

Chat in the coffee shop

Stopping in at Steampunk for a coffee, the general consensus among those grabbing a cuppa, was that the rains were very late, but they were most welcome. A warm fire heated hands while this former city slicker skulked inside in comfort, avoiding the elements.

A thunderstorm predicted for Notties had not, however, materialised by the afternoon.

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Looking ahead, the South African Weather Service predicts cool weather for tomorrow (Tuesday) with a slight chance of rain, and warmer weather on Wednesday (6-23C in Howick). Mooi River is a chilly 4-17C on Tuesday.

Pictures of snow in Lesotho and the Eastern Cape have been shared on the Snow Report SA Facebook page.

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