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Weenen farmers lend hand to drought-crippled EC colleagues

Bales of Lucerne, ready for transport. Pictures supplied

KZN’s farmers have again proved they are a big-hearted lot.

Generous farmers from the Weenen Farmers’ Association have reached out to fellow farmers in struggling Steytlerville in the Eastern Cape, by donating 1200 bales of Lucerne to the drought-afflicted area.

“After all the good rains we’ve had in Weenen, a few farmers here had a surplus of Lucerne and so we made an inquiry with Kwanalu (KZN Agricutural Union), to find out if there was still a need for animal food in some areas after the call by Agri SA’s drought relief programme,” said Shane Reynolds, a Weenen farmer and chairperson of the Weenen Farmers’ Association.

KZN farmers hold their own

Farmers in the Steytlerville area were identified as being in dire need after the catastrophic effects of the ongoing drought in the Eastern Cape for a few years now.

The transport of the animal feed was generously provided at below cost by Winberg Transport and by Agri SA through funds raised from the Agri SA Drought Disaster Fund.

Workers help load Lucerne to be transported to Steytlerville district in the Eastern Cape.

“Farmers of the very dry Steytlerville district are so grateful for the wonderful donation of two super-link truckloads of Lucerne from the Weenen farmers,” said Peter Knoeson, chairman of the Steytlerville Agricultural Association.

“Steytlerville and the surrounding area has received very welcome rains in the past few weeks but there is still a long way to go before we are out of the woods. Donations like this make it possible for farmers to hold their heads high, stay positive and endure the situation a little longer.

“As seasoned agriculturists, these farmers are familiar with droughts and normally anticipate the dry seasons, but this one has been really mean, long and extremely taxing. Without help from these fellow farmers, our lasting power would have been exhausted a long time ago,” Knoesen continued.

“Once again we are overwhelmed by the compassion and generosity of our farmers. Thank you to Shane and the farmers of the Weenen Farmers’ Association. Also thanks need to go to Winberg Transport, Agri SA and all the generous individuals and companies who have contributed to the Agri SA Drought Disaster Fund,” said the Kwanalu CEO, Sandy La Marque.

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