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WATCH: Cyclists share water with thirsty koala bear

thirsty koala bear

A video of a thirsty koala bear desperately slurping down water from a cyclist’s water bottle has been shared around the world.

In the video clip the koala is seen gripping the water bottle tightly and gratefully taking a long drink.

The text accompanying the video, shared on DW News/YouTube, says the thirsty bear appears to have stopped a group of cyclists to quench its thirst. A cyclist is seen stroking the bear, which allows some water to soak down its chin and chest, providing momentary respite from the heat.

The video clip said the cyclists allowed the animal to drink from all seven water bottles before the cyclists rode home. The temperature was said to be about 40C.

Australia is grappling with rising temperatures and an ongoing bushfire threat that jeapordises homes, people and the lives of wildlife. New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania are among the worst affected, with temperatures regularly rising above 40C.

Palls of smoke were seen hanging over the tourist mecca of Sydney earlier this month, as authorities warned of hazardous air quality.

Picture, top: Screengrab/YouTube/DW News


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