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WATCH: Cute and amazing wildlife videos

Screengrab from video. Young elephant shows mom how to do cross a river bed in style. Picture: Twitter/Shared by @KlatuBaradoNiko

For animal lovers, the internet and social media provide endless entertainment, with fun, cute, inspiring and educational videos captured around the world.

Here are a few that caught the eye recently on Twitter.

*A young elephant showed mom how to cross a dry river bed in style and it was full of cuteness:

*In this one, an intense young jaguar chews and nibbles on a person’s fingers. Also cute, but just a wee bit scary!

*This clip is an eye-opener, as a shape-shifting octopus shows its incredible underwater trickery.

*Here a spider gets confused by a mirror, and thinks that it’s issuing signals to a rival. Watch its moves here.

*In this video, a gorgeous young husky “plays hide and seek” in the snow. You know the energy levels are going to be intense.

*Check out this groovy water monitor lizard spotted in iMfolozi Park in Zululand.


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