WATCH: Amazing elephant rescue

Baby saved from watery death

Screengrab: YouTube.

Watch this amazing wildlife video which highlights the close bond between elephants, young and old … even when they aren’t from the same herd.

In this video, which was shared on YouTube by Newsflare in September last year, a baby elephant is seen stuck in a concrete gutter built to bring water pumped to a water point for the animals to drink. Lions are seen lurking in the background.

The baby kicks its legs up in the air and wriggles but is not strong enough to extricate itself.

An elephant, believed to be the little elephant’s mother, is beside herself, as the other herd members try to help. One of the herd can eventually be seen chasing her away, so that they can try to get on with saving the baby.

Sadly, all their efforts come to naught and they eventually move away from the water.

Lions were lurking, waiting for an opportunity for an easy meal. Picture: Screengrab from YouTube

But then a surprise development: a second herd arrives at the scene and a female elephant takes over the rescue effort. She shows amazing determination, time and again going back to the concrete gully and, in an exhausting effort, trying to lever the baby out with her trunk and leg.

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Just when she appears to have given up, she goes back and in one final, powerful push, manages to get the baby ellie upright.

The exhausted little animal very gingerly stands and clambers over the edge of the gutter, gratefully grabbing a second shot at life.

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A truly amazing video, which tells you a great deal about the closeness and the psyche of elephants.


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