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Walk to Aasvoelkrans Cave

Highmoor Reserve

Aasvoelkrans Cave, in Highmoor Reserve. The picture doesn't do it justice, it's a huge cave in a magnificent setting. More pix below.

Pictures and story by Garth Johnstone

The walk to Aasvoelkrans Cave in Highmoor Reserve, Kamberg, is a very doable, recommended trip of about an hour and 15 minutes.

Once you’ve navigated a steep slope of steps at the end, you’re ready to enjoy this magnificent setting, with its immense, tidy cave, a medium size, high power waterfall and the krans that’s part of the name sitting above an attractive ravine.

For those who like taking pics, this is a photographer’s paradise.

You can do your best mountain guru impression and find a rock to sit on, meditate and draw from the splendour nature offers. Or read a book, whatever takes your fancy. A bird book might be useful, as I found it a big job identifying all the birds seen on my walk.

I found it very easy to while away an hour in the cave, while wondering why I don’t disappear into our local reserves more often.

It definitely lends itself to a flask of coffee and a picnic, and the best part of it is (for most people), when you’ve loaded up on your outdoors fix, it’s just another hour or so’s hike back to the carpark.

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