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Urgent alert to Dusi paddlers

uMsundusi river below Pietermaritzburg

An alert has been issued by the organisers of the Dusi Canoe Marathon for paddlers to stay away from the uMsundusi river below Pietermaritzburg until further notice. This is due to what has been described as the largest spill into the river in 30 years.

More than 1600 cubic metres of fatty oil and caustic soda were spilt into the river on Wednesday.

Spokesman for the Dusi, Ray de Vries, said the river “took a huge hit”.

“A big effort is being made at the moment to contain the spill,” said De Vries.

It’s believed to have been caused by the collapse of storage tanks at a local processing plant.

“We will be issuing updates as and when we are updated on the situation,” said De Vries.

Picture: Dusi Media Office


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