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Umvoti business and school leaders join hands

Greytown area schools leadership

On September 9 2021, schools and business leaders in Greytown came together to launch the first Greytown Leadership Circle. The leadership circle brings together 10 business leaders and 10 school leaders, pairing them in a co-learning partnership for 12 months.

The course that will be followed is laid out by the leading educational NGO Partners for Possibility (PfP), which boasts more than 1,400 schools nationally as beneficiaries, along with their teachers, pupils, families, and communities. The focus is to bolster the management skills of school leaders while simultaneously expanding the insight of business leaders on the educational needs and challenges of the country and their community.

School leaders and principals impart learning to educators and improve the way they interact with and manage teachers.

PfP builds bridges and creates a context for leaders to learn about each other, cementing longstanding human-to-human relationships in support of education.

Inspire leaders

“Schools can sometimes feel community stress more than other organisations, because they are centred around the heart of the family. It is therefore our collective duty to seriously sustain the future of schools within our communities. The knowledge and experience developed through our first Leadership Circle will hopefully inspire a new generation of Greytown leaders,” said Wembley College in a statement.

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

The inaugural Leadership Circle will consist of the following schools:
Greytown High School;
Mngcongo Primary School;
Ngome Primary School;
Lootshoek Primary School;
Mphelendaba Secondary School;
Lilani Primary School;
Seven Oaks Primary School;
Eyethu Primary School;
Mabaso Secondary School;
Tholinhlanhla Primary School;
Indlovana Primary School

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Wembley College will host and facilitate the leadership circle with PfP learning process facilitator and Wembley College liaison officer, Scelo Mbonambi, who will be co-ordinating the engagements.

The following business leaders are volunteering to participate in the programme: Bracken Timbers MD Murray Mason, Plennegy Group chairperson Michael Yeadon, Eyabantu Group’s Ayanda Masakane, Jarvie Group’s Graeme Jarvie, and Jupidex CEO, Arthur Bezuidenhout.
The school and those participating thanked Mr SW Keswa, the department of education’s uMzinyathi district director for his attendance and guidance, and support for the programme. – Copy and image supplied by Wembley College


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