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The September edition is out

The September edition is out

Dear Readers,

Steel Sculptor Florian Junge’s two Polo Players grabbed the attention of visitors to the Annual Hilton Arts Festival

The hardcopy September edition of The Meander Chronicle is out on the streets or in a shop near you!  We hope you enjoy the good news that finds its way to us, despite the seemingly unending barrage of negativity with which we are constantly bombarded.

Looking back over the past 14 years worth of September editions, it’s pretty obvious that it is one of our favourite months, and living in the Midlands is where one wants to be in the Spring.  Green is the new shade, creativity is palpable and there is most certainly a spring in one’s step.

Nowhere was this creativity more palpable than at the Annual Hilton Arts Festival, where artists of every genre shared their gift with thousands. Discovering the work of steel sculptor Florian Junge was a highlight, and the front page is as a result of this meeting. The fact that he spent much of his childhood in the Wartburg area (Fawnleas, to be precise), made him 5 star Meander Chronicle material.

There’s plenty more to enjoy – our Finance guru William Meyer, Motor Mouth Gordon Hall, and Snake Man Pat Mckrill give up time every month to put out another article, for your entertainment …

There is always some sport thrill on the go, and we love sharing what our adrenalin junkies are up to.  Schools just don’t stop giving, and every month we are chocablock with the delight and enthusiasm of our youngsters, and of course their educators …

Enjoy the read … 


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