Book review: The Last Hunt by Deon Meyer


With political undertones and hard hitting, in that Deon Meyer portrays much of the current situation in South Africa, The Last Hunt is excellent crime fiction.

Benny Griessel and his partner Vaughan Cupido are believable characters, with their own personal problems in life, and are dedicated members of the elite Serious and Violent Crimes Unit, known as The Hawks.

The current dire situation in SA, with its corruption, kleptocracy, betrayal and greed, and the heart-wrenching disappointment of those who had believed they were fighting and working for a better homeland, is brought to the fore in this emotional, thrilling and action-packed novel, with its tightly-woven plot.

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The portrayal of intrigue, international espionage, “State Capture”, alongside insight into intricate detective work, friendship, humour and loyalty among work colleagues, contribute to making this not just another “who-dunit” but a thoughtful and nail-bitingly good read. The master of South African crime fiction, Deon Meyer, has done it again.

Recommended reads

??? ???? ???? is an English translation of the Afrikaans bestseller, Die Prooi, and the sixth in the Benny Griessel series. Available in SA, the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand, further translations will be available during 2020.

Published by Hodder & Stoughton, an imprint of Jonathan Ball Publishers; ISBN 978 1 473 61446 – 8.

The recommended retail price is R285. – Review by Lesley Thomson

Main picture by Ben White/Unsplash


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