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Teamwork in Howick secures 650 bicycles

Members of the Rotary Club of Hilton and Howick

Schools among the beneficiaries of Rotary project

Members of the Rotary Club of Hilton and Howick braved icy weather on Thursday morning to meet and offload a container with the 650 bicycles that they will distribute to local schools and beneficiaries.

The truck carrying the 20m container arrived at Knight Security Solutions in Howick just before 9am and, thankfully, officers from Umgeni Traffic Department were on hand to stop traffic to allow the truck safe crossing into the yard.

A volunteer helps offload the container. Pictures by Sarah Paterson


A team of volunteers, Rotarians, Knight Security Solutions and Umngeni Community Safety Initiative – UCSI NPC staff were on hand to help offload the container. The team had been given a window of 120 minutes to offload; if it took longer the Rotary club would be billed for the time the truck stood at the site. Fortunately, with much chatter and laughter, the team managed to have the container emptied in just 90 minutes.

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The Rotarians are busy compiling a list of beneficiaries and hope to begin the distribution phase of this project within the next four weeks.

The club was joined in this project by Knight Security and the Umngeni Community Safety Initiative – UCSI NPC, which helped with offloading and storage of the bicycles.

Despite the icy conditions, the team managed to offload the container in just 90 minutes. Pictures by Sarah Paterson

The bicycles are part of a consignment of 10 000 bicycles which was secured by Rotary clubs in the US. The Rotarians had learned of a manufacturer that was about to scrap them after a purchaser had rejected the order and offered to take the bicycles and distribute them among worthy beneficiaries.

The bicycles had been rejected as the inner tubes in the front wheels had caused the white wall tyres to discolour.

Rotary Club of Hilton and Howick were offered one container of bicycles by the Rotary Club of Empangeni, as long as they were able to cover the cost of transport and port duties. The Empangeni club has for many years run a hugely successful bicycle project.


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