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Steel Sculptor Florian Junge Runs With It

Steel Sculptor Florian Junge Runs With It

Run with It – a creation in steel by Florian Junge

Run With It – 3.7m x 0.8m x 2.3m of reclaimed steel by Florian Junge

The Hilton Arts Festival is traditionally that one weekend in September, in the Midlands where the weather goes haywire, tormenting both organisers and craft market stallholders who invariably have a day of wind and rain to contend with.

This year was no different with gale force winds on the Saturday chasing browsers indoors, and and even the most determined sellers, locking down for the night! Seeking shelter in the Campbell Room, Hilton College, a unique piece of metal artwork depicting two polo players in action on their

Polo I and Polo 2 – 150cm x 60cm x 70cm & 90cm x 60cm x 70cm

steeds caught my eye and led me to Midlands-raised steel sculptor Florian Junge.

Born in Hamburg, Germany and raised in Mocambique and Fawnleas (a one shop stop near Wartburg), KZN Midlands, Junge matriculated at WartburgKirchdorf High School. He has lived a colourful and well travelled existence ever since and is now settled in Margate on the South Coast.

His father, who he describes as being a true and natural artist at heart, inspired his own artistic journey. Like father like son, Florian sees art in almost anything. He transforms everyday articles into works of fine art by using predominantly reclaimed items: always expressing an array of emotions which he manages to successfully communicate to the onlooker.

Steel Sculptor Florian Junge’s two Polo Players grabbed the attention of visitors to the Annual Hilton Arts Festival

A spectacular duo of polo players is inspired by his love of horses and riding as a child. He spent time watching polo players at the local club (Noodsberg Polo Club) and this has been magnificently commmunicated in the sculpture. He recounts a charming story of his first experiences of riding his Basotho pony, which subsequently provided some of the philosophy behind his life-size metal horse desplayed at the Hilton Festival.

As a young rider I used open reins which would stop my Basotho pony when I fell off. Soon though, he got wise to this, and carried his head sideways to avoid standing on the reins,running off in a flippant and defiant manner, almost challenging me with a “try and stop me now!” This memory inspired the sculpture with the lead rope blowing in the wind, as if the horse freed intself and is now doing what is right for him. The message is to “just run with it” if your instinct says it’s right. Ignore stagnant , established thought and naysayers.

Are you inspired?

Florian stresses the importance of the fact that he is constantly “learning” his craft, and learning from his craft. “If we stop doing so, we stop being alive. I love learning new techniques, tricks and ways of looking at the world. For that very reason I only produce once-off original pieces.”

Florian Junge pieces are all once-offs.

He can be contacted on:  

Email:  Cell: 084 465 9777


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