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St Charles College December News

St Charles College December News

St Charles College Grade O Nativity and Graduation
The final week of the school year for the St Charles College Grade 0s was host to a milestone event.  The boys performed their Nativity play for their parents, which was followed by their Graduation Ceremony. During the ceremony, each boy received a certificate which included not only comments from their teacher, but some special messages and thoughts from their friends. We wish the boys the very best for Grade 1 next year, and are immensely proud of the development they have shown during their time in Scrummies.

The Grade 0 boys singing and celebrating their graduation from Scrummies
From left – Nsindiso Ndlovu, Savar Maharaj and Daniel Barry  Photo Credit: Saysha Baker








Senior Primary Recognition Ceremony at St Charles College
The St Charles College Senior Primary closed off the 2017 academic year with their annual Recognition Ceremony. It was a special evening for many reasons and marks the climax of every boy’s efforts throughout the year. The ceremony is not only focused on those receiving certificates, but is a chance for all boys to remember their highlights of the year and reflect on their own individual successes. As the Grade 7 boys shared various accounts of their experiences in the Prep School, it was a chance to reminisce, often with laughter over shared memories.

The 2017 Senior Primary prize winners
Photo: Saysha Baker

The various awards handed over acknowledged the abilities and hard work put into various areas of school life and gave boys an opportunity to applaud their peers for their achievements. As is tradition, the year ended with a proud rendition of our school song and National Anthem. All this drawing together a successful 2017 and setting the scene for another exciting year ahead.

Junior Primary Recognition Ceremony at St Charles College
The Junior Primary Recognition Ceremony was held on Thursday morning, 30 November, with the theme for this year being team work. The Recognition Ceremony is all about the boys, so the young men of Grade 3 took on the responsibility of doing everything from the Welcome to the Closing Prayer. This year, Mr Rowan Irons was the guest speaker and he had the boys eating out of his hands with his beautiful illustration of team work, using the analogy of baking a cake. Vidhaan Ramessur was lucky enough to win the cake, which he generously shared with the boys in his class after the ceremony. Each Junior Primary boy received a certificate with their own personal comment showing their growth throughout the year. As the ceremony ended, everyone went outside to the circular lawn where the pigeons were released; a final symbol that all the Junior Primary boys have the necessary skills to fly with courage and confidence as they move on to the next phase in their education.

Some of the boys showing their parents their certificates (pics: Saysha Baker)
Some of the boys singing during the ceremony
Vidhaan Ramessur receiving the special cake from Mr Rowan Irons



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