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Something different: baked potato, bacon, egg and tomato – all on the braai

Lockdown comfort kos

Beat the lockdown blues with baked potato and onion, fried bacon eggs and tomato, all done on the braai.

Another lockdown braai, but what to cook? That steak, tjops and wors is now starting to taste a bit same same, because we’re braaing every second day during lockdown. Even the spuds and roasted butternut have lost their shine.

So we used a little imagination and tried to come up with something completely different. And here’s what emerged: Baked potatoes, on the coals in the firepit; baked onions, also on the firepit, and fried up (separately) bacon, eggs and chunky tomato, all done on a griddle on the braai.

It may not look like much but believe us, with its smoky, hearty flavour, this is a delicious dose of comfort food to break up the coronavirus blues.

To assemble it all “lekker” on a plate:
Open up the spuds (two per person);
Add one baked onion per person;
Slap in loads of bacon;
Tomato on the side, tomato relish on top of the bacon;
And one egg for each plate, sitting proudly on top of the bacon, onion and tomato.

This is real comfort food, filling and totally delicious. Despite all the other flavours, the baked potato remains the star of the dish.

Options: Add chillies; Tobasco; home made, mega-scream fire sauce; wilted spinach, garden herbs, whatever floats your Covid-strained boat.

Wash down with ice cold beer or home-made ginger ale!

The beetroot and butternut with olive oil and rosemary, waiting to go in the oven.

Next time on lockdown comfort kos: Roasted butternut, feta and beetroot pasta, with rosemary and olive oil.

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