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By Steuart Pennington and Dee During

It is sometimes said of “news” that it can happen behind your back, right in front of your eyes!

It is also true that “news” takes three forms: an event, like a mast going down, or an horrendous hail storm, usually “news” news (which the media and gossip feast on); a cycle, like the number of people coming and going in the community, new customers vs old customers, usually unreported (and of little “news” interest); or a trend, like the growing number of organisations we provide free services to (which we do because it is important and we want to, but which we don’t talk about), but it is news.

So here is some trend news we don’t talk about, but which subscribers to Bundu NetworX, might want to know about.

There are many under-resourced schools in our area to which Bundu NetworX provides free internet services:
• Asithuthuke School
• Bruntville Primary
• Sibhonokuhle Primary
• Dabulamanzi School
• Thandi House in Chase Valley, a family-run home that cares for children, including young girls with unplanned pregnancies.

Sibonokuhle School is one of the under-resourced schools in the area provided with free internet services. Picture: Garth Johnstone

CLUBS: There are a number of gathering points for many of those who live in our community. Bundu NetworX provides free internet services to:
• The Kamberg Club
• Mooi River Country Club

SAPS: The effectiveness of our police force is important, free internet services are provided to:
• Nottingham Road SAPS (in co-operation with TrackBox Technologies)
• Richmond SAPS (in co-operation TrackBox Technologies – to be installed in the coming weeks)

WILDLIFE AND DOMESTIC ANIMALS: Bundu NetworX also assists with:
• Wildlife Poisoning Prevention & Conflict Resolution
• Mooi River SPCA, to which we recently donated a computer, monitor, mouse and keyboard.

SOUTH COAST: As business expands in this area, these organisations are provided with free internet services:
• Amanzimtoti Beach Lifeguards
• Amanzimtoti Rugby Club
• Amanzimtoti Athletics Club
• Amanzimtoti Squash Club
• Umdoni Pre-Primary School
• Operation Bobbi Bear, a human rights organisation for sexually abused children
• Amanzimtoti Child and Family Welfare

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So, while Wi-Fi is Bundu NetworX’s passion, we also believe that we have a social conscience and an obligation to assist those sections of our community who would otherwise struggle to stay connected!

Finally, a little known fact… Bundu NetworX provides the connectivity for the security cameras in and around Nottingham Road. Hopefully a small contribution to keeping our community safer. Have an uncapped day now!

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to post them on the Facebook page or contact 087 222 9500.


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