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Schooling in 2021: Back in the thick of it

Kwanele Nqayi and Darren Oellermann. Picture: Dean Riley

St Charles College in Pietermaritzburg commented that it was so pleased to see its pupils back on sports fields, where the Covid-19 regulations allow for some non-contact, inter-house sport.

Seen in the pic above, taking part in inter-house cricket recently, are Kwanele Nqayi and Darren Oellermann.

Rory Schirge and Danika Freese.

New Hanover Prep greeted the Mid-Term with a general knowledge quiz standoff between Rietbok and Duiker houses. Each grade took on various challenges designed by their teacher and the competition was fierce! At the end of the day, Rietbok walked away with the first trophy of the year.
In the picture: Rory Schirge and Danika Freese, the captains of the Reitbok team.

Big-hearted effort

Epworth School celebrated Valentine’s Day by giving back to the community. At the end of last year, the school initiated a school shoe collection project that ended at the end of February.

Picture: Supplied

“We wanted to ensure that children who cannot afford new school shoes, have good quality shoes to begin the new school year. The shoes, which were donated by pupils, parents and staff, were given to Youth For Christ.”

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*Ticket sales information for Drakensberg Boys Choir events in tweet below.

When considering childhood development, Wembley College in Greytown asked the following question: “Do you know why it is good for your child to play with dough, gloop and slime?”

It said these activities are great for young children because they can use their imaginations to experiment with the shape and texture of the dough as they touch and feel the soft, pliable medium. Children have great fun rolling, squishing and moving play dough between their fingers.

It said the kids use cognitive skills to think independently about the texture of the materials.

Picture: Supplied

Develop skills

“Creating the different shapes is using their imaginations, decision-making skills and problem-solving skills. This is how small children begin to build their intelligence and confidence. When children play, they talk to other children about what they are doing, which builds their ability to socialise and talk to their peers.”

Wembley said this type of play was also important in boosting the development of fine motor skills.

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File picture: Gentrit Sylejmani on Unsplash

Michaelhouse congratulated the following pupils on being selected as sports captain and vice captain for the 2021 sporting year:

Basketball: Capt – Jason Makhele; Vice Captain – Dominic Le Sueur
Canoeing: Capt – Jack Edmonds; Vice Captain – Chase Leisegang
Cricket: Capt – Adrien Fischer; Vice Captain – Alexander Vermeulen
Golf: Capt – Joseph Price; Vice Captain – Mitchell Flanegan
Hockey: Capt – Jason Williams; Vice Captain – to be considered at a later stage
Squash: Capt – Richard Upfold and Kameran Jinnah
Swimming: Capt – Benjamin Lister; Vice Captain – Graham Hoal
Tennis: Capt – Adrien Fischer; Vice Captain – Tom Tom Walters
Water polo: Capt – Zubin Randeria, with Jason Morby Smith as Club Captain; Vice Captain – Daniel Johnson – From the Rector’s E-newsletter


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