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Review: Jane Griffiths’ A-Z of herbs

Picture: Gatis Murnieks on Unsplash

Jane’s Delicious A – Z of Herbs by Jane Griffiths

Review by Lesley Thomson

If you are not already growing herbs, this lovely book will inspire you to do so.

Full of gorgeous colour photographs of more than 80 different herbs, there is a section at the beginning of the book where Griffiths explains how and where to plant, how to prepare the soil, how to care for your growing herbs and how to harvest them. She also advises on herb garden design and why herbs are so important to nature. If you don’t have room for a full garden, the author gives guidance on container growing and planting among your organic vegetables and flowers.

Griffiths shares her years of experience and knowledge of growing herbs organically, explaining their healing properties and how to use them, and if and what culinary uses they have. There is a large section dedicated to which herbs to use for which ailment, how to prepare inhalations, infusions, poultices, creams and lotions, juicing, herbal honey and even sweets.

One piece of advice I loved: “wine infused with lemon balm mends a broken heart and clears the way for new love to enter.” Seriously there are so many ways of using herbs and so much fun to experiment.

No garden? This lovely book will encourage you to grow herbs on the balcony, windowsill or even the edge of the bath.

**ISBN 9781 92836 311 8 Published March 2020 by Sunbird/Jonathan Ball Publishers. Recommended retail price, R285

Yoga for Giraffes, written and Illustrated by Carly Tod

What fun! So beautifully and humorously illustrated, this book is meant for ages 3-6, though I believe children younger than that will enjoy the illustrations and having the book read to them.

Meet Sindile the giraffe and his friends, and together as a family try his yoga poses … Namaste!

**ISBN 978 1 43231 0048 6 Published March 2020 by Struik Children/Penguin Random House

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