Recommended reads for lockdown

Looking for some good reads to keep you entertained through the lockdown? Here’s a couple we enjoyed recently.

The Folded EarthAnuradha Roy

I checked this out of the Notties Library and enjoyed every one of its 250-odd pages.

When a young widow, Maya, retreats to a town in the Himalayas, as she is no longer able to stay in Hyderabad where she lived with her husband, she quietly and systematically falls apart.

Her move is instinctive, to be in the mountains which had claimed her hiking/climbing fanatic husband in an incident about which the details are a little blurry.

Maya gets a job teaching at a local school, but she goes about her work listlessly, ticking off chores as a means to get through each day.

It’s when a poor young girl falls in love and comes to her for help in translating letters, that she eventually finds some kind of wakening of the spirit – the girl’s desperation and vitality waken her somewhat from her grief and suffering, she is needed and valued again.

It’s a long road back but the town, Ranikhet, and its people will not let her sink deeper into the mire, as she discovers through community and nature that she can find a way back to the world.

Poetic, moving and witty, this is a book that gives a great deal to the reader and suggests there’s always hope amid heartache and people’s capacity for cruelty.

High FidelityNick Hornby

I picked up this old classic at a second-hand store and relived loads of laughter from the movie version of the book and when I read it many years ago.

Rob, is a young man with a rather remarkable lack of ambition and get-up-and go, who is always unlucky in love.

He ends up owning a record store, working with an apparent cast of losers, as the world and his love interest seem about to pass him by.

More reading ideas during lockdown

John Cusack plays the role of Rob in the movie version of ‘High Fidelity’.

When Laura ditches him, he’s free, to do what he wants, date exotic women, have the time of his life, but it seems he can’t let Laura go… it’s the ultimate wake-up call.

Reflecting on an unremarkable, unenthusiastic past, this slacker is forced to face up to reality and finally make a firm stand for what he really wants out of life.

This is all set to a background of his playlist of favourite songs… an enduring passion, and one which will never leave him.

The soundtrack to the film is an absolute classic.

Hilarious, witty, entertaining, High Fidelity is high on the feel-good factor.

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