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R103 potholes concern


It’s no secret that a number of roads in the Midlands are a cause for concern, with many dangerous potholes “terrorising” unsuspecting motorists.

Locals get used to the main problem potholes, so are less disadvantaged than visitors to the area and its many hospitality venues, but even then, new ones develop rapidly and even locals are caught out occasionally. Safety is a concern for motorists and pedestrians.

Now DA PR councillor for ward 3, Sandile Mnikathi, in a message shared on local networks via WhatsApp, said: “The state of the R103 has deteriorated to a point where it is now dangerous to travel. Potholes and poor maintenance pose a serious risk to motorist and pedestrians.

“The KZN department of transport and the uMngeni Municipality must act immediately to resolve this situation.”

He urged residents to sign a petition and call to action by clicking the following link

Mnikathi said he would be presenting the petition to the Minister of Transport in KZN and the uMngeni Municipality mayor.

A problem pothole on Mearns Hill, which is causing drivers on the R103 some distress. Picture submitted by Margaret Spowart

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The Meander Chronicle received a letter from Margaret Spowart of Rosetta, expressing concern about the section of R103 in her area, and one pothole/donga in particular.

“For a few months now there has been a pothole (piece of road missing) at the top of the blind rise on Mearns Hill, on the R103, and with wear and tear from trucks, it grows by the hour. A couple of days back we witnessed a car having written two tyres off and waiting for the breakdown truck. Recently a little car in front of us nearly lost control when it climbed into this pothole.

“We know the pothole is there so we slow down, sometimes even having to come to a complete stop, (as there is oncoming traffic so can’t use their lane) nervous something is going to hit us from behind.”

Significant stress

She said using the road brought significant stress into her life.

“In years gone by I was able to look ahead of me to see what the traffic was doing and thereby able to anticipate something going wrong, now you are watching the road in front of you looking for potholes – unable to anticipate anything happening ahead.”

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A roadworks team has been based at Nottingham Road for months now and has been doing repairs, mainly on the Lower Lotheni Road. There are, however, a number of other problem areas, including the Kamberg Road, that need attention.


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