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Protecting your health when infections or viruses threaten

A view of Huban Alley in Wuhan, China, where the new coronavirus originated.

By Dr Andre Comrie

There’s nothing quite like a crisis to grab our attention.

Right now, it’s the coronavirus. The media is full of it and we’re getting a lot of mixed messages.

One good thing is that the furore draws our attention to something that should be an everyday concern, namely, the general state of our health and hygiene.

If it’s up to speed, as it should be on an ongoing basis, there’ll be no crisis. We’ll be prepared to resist any illness or fight it off if it does hit us.

What you can do to reduce brain-related health issues

There are two main points.

Firstly, practice good hygiene! You know, the stuff that our mothers taught us. Or at least mine did, admittedly a long time ago!

Wash you hands regularly, after coming in from the world, before and after meals, after going to the toilet. It was so drummed into us as kids that it became second nature, like brushing teeth. Puzzling that it appears to be a novel idea now.

Don’t sneeze or cough onto others or into the air where others are. The current advice is to sneeze into a tissue or the bend of your elbow.

By March 18, SA had 116 cases of coronavirus.

If you’re unwell, self-isolate. We have no right to carry our bugs into the community at large, but seem to do it quite a lot – by filling ourselves up with medicine that keeps us functioning at some basic level.

Secondly, keep your immune system well. A healthy immune system is the first line of defence when an infectious agent is threatening. When it is healthy it’s generally up to the task. Not unlike a well-prepared army versus a rabble.

A good diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, goes a long way to achieve this, but most of us don’t know what the nutritional content of our bought food is, or whether we can trust it to do the job well.

I am unwilling to leave it to chance. I made a decision a long time ago to support the process on a daily basis by supplementing with a very specific, well-chosen product.

And I also have the following on hand all the time: a proven disinfectant, vitamin C and zinc.

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