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Oven roasted beetroot and butternut pasta

Lockdown Comfort Kos

Beetroot and butternut, what a winner combination. Add rosemary and you're in heaven.

The last time we wrote up a recipe it was something completely different, a bolt out of the blue and something I really enjoyed.

Now we’re going the other way, back to the kitchen and something simple and traditional, but equally delicious.

I really love butternut and I really love beetroot, and one of the best ways to combine the two is in this simple pasta dish that seriously ticks the flavour boxes and is pretty healthy too.

So the next meal in our Lockdown Comfort Kos series is… roasted butternut, beetroot and feta pasta, with rosemary and olive oil.

Maybe a squeeze of citrus to funk things up?

Simple, fairly easy to prepare and oh-so delicious. A bonus is if any of you are already growing some of these ingredients in the garden, which would make this a lockdown cheapie.

What you’ll need:
One butternut skinned and cut into small chunks;
Five or six medium sized beetroot (peeled);
A couple large pieces of feta (as much as you’d like really);
A healthy handful of rosemary (1/2 cup);
Splashes of olive oil.

To make the dish:
Heat oven to 200C;
Place chunks of beetroot and butternut on an oven dish greased with olive oil;
Splash a little olive oil lightly over the beetroot and butternut;
Add salt and pepper according to your taste;
Sprinkle rosemary over the veg (I use a lot);
When the oven’s up to heat, roast for about 45 minutes.

Meanwhile cook penne to about al dente consistency.

The beetroot and butternut with olive oil, waiting to go in the oven. I’d add more rosemary.

When the beetroot and butternut are cooked (and you will smell the sweet roasted, rosemary infused smell; it should be softish to the touch) add to the drained pasta in a large dish, and sprinkle a healthy dose of feta on top.

Some of our favourite recipes from India

Alternatively, dress up individual plates and sprinkle the feta on top.

How much feta and rosemary you use is completely up to you.

You could also pop back into the oven for a few minutes to let the cheese start to melt.

Quick and easy, with that sweet, roasted taste, this definitely qualifies as Lockdown Comfort Kos.

**One butternut is more than enough for dinner for two. Double up if you are feeding four.

**You could boil the beetroot for 10 minutes to par-cook before roasting, completely up to you

**Rocket also goes very well with this dish.


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