Nutrition with Sarah West

Low energy Levels?

I have met many people this year with an energy deficit. The heat, combined with the stress and strain of a new year, has taken its toll.

There is no better time than now to take stock of your health.
It is a good idea to visit a nutritionist like myself, who can analyse you and see what your nutritional deficiencies are. You may also require a different diet.
The danger of taking drugs for your problem are manifold. Apart from becoming addicted to them, it is well known that antibiotics etc. become ineffective in dealing with the problem and superbugs are becoming more abundant.

One customer of mine had many sores on her leg. I told her they were the direct result of taking high blood pressure tablets.
She didn’t believe me, but after I left she discontinued her medication for 2 weeks. Her sores completely disappeared and she then went onto the natural alternative to high blood pressure tablets.

Another customer called me in a terrible state. She had clinical depression and was taking antidepressants. Her tablets had cause confusion and weight gain.
I took her off medication and put her onto natural antidepressants.
Three years later she has lost weight and her confusion has disappeared.

Many people do not know that they can take a natural alternative to medication. This applies to serious illness as well as minor ones. Another lady had progressive hearing loss. I gave her a detoxifying program and she recovered her hearing.
If you feel you want support in this area, make an appointment to see me, I will be happy to accommodate you.

Sarah West (BA Phys Ed.)
Cell: 084 799 4219
Phone: 033 330 5067


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