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Nomandla is all set to clean up in business

Nomandla Ngcoya,

By Thembelani Mkhize

In today’s society women are known for going against the grain. Passionate, emotionally-driven warriors challenge all aspects of stereotypes and gender persecution. Be it from being harassed for the way they dress to being denied crucial decision-making roles in government or business, they are making a stand.

One woman who isn’t just going against the grain, but is harvesting some for the future, is soon-to-be-doctor Nomandla Ngcoya, founder of DChem and who is working towards her PhD in chemistry at UKZN, Pietermaritzburg.

Originally from eHlabeni in the Bulwer area, Nomandla’s family lives in iMbali township, Pietermaritzburg. She started her company, DChem, on April 13, 2017, and it produces more than 20 hygiene and detergent products.

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Nomandla is very passionate about community development and helping her fellow man. Regarded as a community leader, she looks up to inspirational women like Dr Judy Dlamini, the founder of the Mbekani Group (a company that has investments in sectors of the economy such as health and pharmaceuticals).

Equal but Different

Dlamini is also the author of Equal But Different, a book about overcoming race, gender and social class. It’s aimed at empowering women, but men are more than welcome to read it and learn a few things about creating a better society for all.

Nomandla sees DChem as her seed, which she is looking to grow into a strong, well rooted-tree that will bear healthy fruit. Like her role model, she wants her company to have a broad spectrum of investments in areas such as health, pharmaceuticals and hygiene, to name a few. This is all time-consuming, hard work, but she is ready for the challenge.

Lessons in honesty from FK, a true leader

During her Masters degree, Nomandla developed a compound that could help inhibit the enzymes that cause diabetes.

“I have carried on my research to my PhD, where I aim to create a hybrid compound that can inhibit both alpha glucosidase and alpha analyses enzymes,” she said.

Nomandla says the hardest thing in business is finding reliable partners who are there to grow your business instead of their pockets. She finds that working on her own might be difficult, but it’s the only way she can ensure her company runs the way it’s supposed to and fulfils her ultimate vision.

The DChem group is based in Scottsville and, for now, produces detergents such as dishwashing liquid, air fresheners, kitchen cleaning detergents, car wash wax/polish and many more.

Contact Nomandla at 071 934 2132.


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