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New Hanover Prep September News

New Hanover Prep September News

New Hanover Prep celebrates our culture
Nelson Mandela described South Africa as a ‘Rainbow Nation’ referring to the multicultural heritage of the South Africans. Recently the children at New Hanover Prep took part in a Cultural Day where they were inspired to celebrate their cultural heritage while learning about the diversity of our rainbow nation. They dressed up in traditional clothing from different cultures, shared interesting facts, sang songs in the different languages and ate a variety of foods such as samoosas (Indian), Käsegriller and Bretzel (German), melktert (Afrikaans) and phutu with sheba ( Zulu).
Diversity activities teach young children to celebrate and respect the differences in all people. It also helps them realize that we’re all special, despite differences in how we look or dress, or what we eat or celebrate.

NHP Girls’ dressed in traditional Zulu attire
NHP Boys’ dressed in traditional German attire.  Back: Mark Koch, Heinz Koch, Flynn Lutge, Thomas Kuhn, Luke Whittle.   Front: Phillip Hellberg, Ross Wichmann, Martin Koch, Louis Koch, Kyle Hellberg








New Hanover Prep Outreach Club
The Outreach Club had a wonderful excursion to learn all about the important work done by the SPCA and to deliver food they had donated for the animals. The children enjoyed interacting with the animals whilst finding out how they could be involved in volunteering their assistance.


Grandparents day at New Hanover Prep

Naomi and Erich Hillermann with their granddaughter Nicole Hillermann.

A sense of legacy is a basic human need and our annual Grandparent’s Day once again provided an opportunity for our children to show their appreciation and love toward their grandparents (and other special older adult friends). Young and old can certainly find wisdom and inspiration in each other.

NHP commemorates International Recycling Day
As a proud Eco-School, at NHP we actively educate our children about this and encourage them and their families to make use of our recycling bins on a regular basis.
In order to create increased awareness of recycling on Monday, 18th September (International Recycling Day) the children all “Upcycled” various waste materials. This was incorporated into their class themes for the term, with the Grade 1’s making farm animals, the grade 2’s dinosaurs, the grade 3s ‘litterbugs’ and so forth.

Back: Sisekelo Ndlovu, Kiera Lutge Front: Gabriella Bingle, Ross Holmes, Heinz Koch and Zibusiso Luthuli with their ‘upcycled’ projects


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