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New Hanover Prep News January 2018

New Hanover Prep News January 2018

New Hanover Prep Back to School
The 2018 school year has got off to a fantastic start at New Hanover. It is certainly going to be a busy and exciting one as the school celebrates its 160th year!

The term started off with an inspiring church service including a welcoming blessing for all new pupils and their parents at the altar, as well as the traditional comfort of a Zuckertüten for all Grade Ones. All new NHP children rang the bell outside of the church to signify the start of the NHP school career. This wonderful service set the tone for a terrific school year!

Grade Ones with their Zuckertüte
Grade 6 ‘buddy’ Aaron Klipp holds Angus Kyle’s Zuckertüten while Angus rings the school bell.


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