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New Hanover Prep News in October 2017

New Hanover Prep News in October 2017

New Hanover Prep loves their Owls

Grade 1s admiring the baby Barn Owl

Owls are very special to us at New Hanover Prep. For years a pair of Spotted Eagle Owls have made the trees around NHP their home, and in fact shortly after we opened the Indoor Centre earlier this year, we found a baby Barn Owl that had settled in there.
Recently the pair of Eagle Owls nested in the main Natal Mahogany tree at the centre of the school. There was much excitement when the two owlets hatched a few weeks ago and they have grown considerably since. The children love spotting the owls around the school and watching them gain strength and learn to fly.

Baby Owlets shortly after hatching.


NHP pupil, Enhle Zondi pointing out the owls to her mother Thandi.





New Hanover Prep Grade 6 Science Projects
The NHP Grade 6s recently completed a science and creativity project where they were required to design and make an electrical circuit. The project required the children to use the knowledge that they had learnt in class, combined with creative and out-the-box thinking.

Grade 6s with their science projects

The final circuit was also required to produce a sound. The children came up with some fantastic ideas, with some projects even including light and movement.

Bianca Hillermann with her science project





New Hanover Prep Basketball Course
At New Hanover Prep we believe in exposing our children to a number of different sporting codes. The sport programme at New Hanover Prep exposes the children to over nine different sports, as well as sessions on our Obstacle Course to build core strength. We strive to do our best on the sports field whilst always emphasizing the importance of sportsmanship and manners on the field.

Grade 7 children with FIBA ref Suwi Suwila and his assistant coach Thabiso.

One of the sports that the children are currently participating in is basketball. The children love this fast-paced, fun and dynamic sport! Earlier this term we hosted a basketball coaching clinic at NHP. The coaches and grade 6 and 7 children were fortunate enough to learn from an international FIBA referee, Suwi Suwila.


Fire Brigade comes to visit New Hanover Prep

Simbonga Sikhakhane spraying the fire hose under the supervision of one of the Firefighters.

The pre-primary children have been learning about helping and being of service to others this term. Tying in with this theme, the Fire Brigade came to visit the NHPP and Grade 1 – 3 children. The educational officer informed the children about how the fire department operates. The children were taught about fire safety and equipment and they even got to spray the fire hose. They had a very informative morning and were enthralled by the fire truck! It is important for children to be educated and aware of the essential services provided by departments such as the fire department and for them to appreciate the work that these services provide.


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