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By way of introduction … please meet Sam Jarvis, who passed the Midlands credentials test, and will be helping out from time to time covering local good news, and giving it a touch of youth, and current journalism technique.  (Ed’s Note)


You can imagine the thoughts running through my head as Philippa, The Meander Chronicle Chief Editor, asked me to write a newsletter for this week’s edition ofThe Chronicle. What on earth am I going to write! So, I thought it might be apt to officially introduce myself.

My name is Samuel Jarvis; I am currently in my first year of journalism and media studies at Rhodes University. I have lived in and loved the Midlands for the past thirteen years. I am passionate about conservation and the environment, with a keen interest in running, cycling and fly fishing. Now enough of the CV like descriptions, I hope to be writing on and off for The Meander Chronicle over the next few months.

The Meander Chronicle’s ethos and good wholesome stories have inspired me. I believe that in journalism today there is a huge focus on the negative. People seem to be addicted to the drama and will live through the terrorist shootings and London fires as if they are watching the movies. As important as this aspect is, an imbalance has been created. I mean, not all news is bad.

With this in mind I hope to focus on stories that inspire in a positive manner, with a concentration on the environment and outdoor activities. This, combined with a youthful perspective, is how I hope to contribute to The Chronicle.


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