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Msunduzi Hospice an opportunity for Giving

Msunduzi Hospice an opportunity for Giving

Msunduzi Hospice – Charitable Giving in Lieu of Holiday Gifts

This holiday season, Msunduzi Hospice calls on the public to please consider donating a gift to Hospice. Located at 200 Zwartkop Road in Prestbury – Pietermaritzburg. Msunduzi Hospice delivers free home based care to people diagnosed with life limiting and potentially life threatening illnesses including: Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Complications from advanced chronic illnesses e.g. end of life Organ Failure.

In my own work experience, I have been blessed. I found it to be true that “It is in giving … that we receive,”” said Vijaya Chetty [Income Generation Manager at Hospice], who works tirelessly to support the work provided by the interdisciplinary care team (consisting of qualified Nurses, Social Workers and Hospice trained Home Based Caregivers) who provide care and support to both patients and their families and caregivers – as they grapple to come to terms with sickness, death and loss.

(left to right Tanya Roux (Fundraiser) & Shalona Changur (Hospice Volunteer)

Members of the public who wish to participate can assist the organization by please donating gifts (no matter how large or small), money and even gift cards/vouchers to the organization. Any monetary donations received [which are marked “it is in giving … that we receive”] will be used to mobilise our social workers who play a critical part in providing comfort, care, counselling and support to people who are struggling with the physical, emotional and spiritual effects that so often accompany sickness and suffering. “The holiday season is difficult for so many people and we remember those who have gone before us, those who are currently with dis-ease, and those who are grieving the loss of loved ones” said Chetty.
Many people know of our charity shops which stock: linen, books, toys, second hand clothing, and bric a brac items, which we sell to the public. We appeal for any and all unwanted gifts – new or used. The items will be put for sale in either our Charity shops or at our Annual Fairs and proceeds raised from sales of the donated items will then be used, to support the organization and its various departments” said Chetty.

In 2018 the registered charity (NPO 007 935) (PBO 930 000 244) will have been in operation for 35 years. “To the patients and family members with whom we have worked – we salute you. And to the public, our volunteers and the businesses who have, and continue, to support us – again WE THANK YOU. It is because of each and every one of you – who have contributed – that we look forward to the next 35 years of giving” said Chetty.

Deposits can be made to Msunduzi Hospice Association, Nedbank,
Account number 134 028 5053, Branch Code: 13 40 25 00 Reference: Its in giving that we receive.
For more info please contact Vijaya or Sonya on Tel 033 3441560. Gifts can be delivered to 200 Zwartkop Road, Prestbury, Pietermaritzburg.

Gifts that Give Back
If you would like to donate in some small way, please consider giving a packet or bottle (or two) of one (or more) of the following:
Stocking Filler Ideas
A Box, or a Ream of A4 Paper ● Regular Tea ● Rooibos Tea ● Coffee ● Milk ● Dishwashing Liquid ● Handy Andy ● Jik ● Tile Cleaner ● Vim ● Furniture Polish ● Toilet Rolls ● Liquid Hand Soap ● Toilet Paper ● Air Freshener ● Auto Washing Powder ● Hand Washing Powder ● Steel Wool ● Refuse Bags ● Car Shampoo ● AA Batteries

Organisation : Msunduzi Hospice Association
Tel : 033 3441560
Contact : Sonya Mateus
Email :


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