Mother of triplets praises hospital staff

The 31 year-old mother of an all-boy set of triplets born at Stanger Hospital is full of praise for the medical staff who helped her deliver and take care of her and her babies.

Owethu Macebo, from Darnall at Ilembe District, had stayed at Stanger Hospital for a month under the close supervision of doctors awaiting the arrival of her babies. On Wednesday, May 16, 33 weeks into her pregnancy, she underwent a Caesarean Section and gave birth to three boys named Esakhe, Wenzile, Ibonile, who came weighing in at 1,75kg, 1,7kg and 1,5kg respectively. The operation lasted nearly an hour.

In the picture: Members of the team at Stanger Hospital who cared for Owethu Macebo and helped deliver her triplets safely.

According to doctors, had the pregnancy entered its 34th week, it would have placed her at high risk because of challenges with the slow growth rate of her triplets, said a statement from the Health Department.


“I’m very grateful to everyone who helped me deliver. Even at the maternity ward, where I’ve been for a whole month, I’ve had a very good stay. I’m very thankful,” said Macebo, whose family has a history of twins.

For 30 year-old Dr Mpilo Zimu, who led the obstetric, neonatal, and anaesthetics team that delivered the triplets, his first ever delivery of triplets was a good experience. He was assisted by paediatrician specialists Dr Heloise Goodfellow, Dr Victor Olujobi, and Dr Nalisu Mazubane.

Twins delivered safely despite health scare

“It was more of a team effort,” Dr Zimu said. “I was working with the consultants, and it happened that on that day, I was one of the doctors allocated for theatre. Obviously, they were delivered a bit pre-term. So, we had to be careful in terms of how we deliver them because it’s small babies, and whether they’re presenting head or buttocks first. That plays a role. But I wasn’t alone. There were other doctors who were there as well.

Mom Owethu Macebo and her three boys are doing well.

“I would like to say congratulations to the team, and to the consultants for making a decision to deliver on time,” said Zimu. “It was a successful operation and the mother is fine. I did check up on her this morning.”


KZN Health MEC Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo has congratulated the team from Stanger Hospital for a job well done.

“We are very excited. We want to congratulate the family, and the hospital that these triplets were born at 33 weeks, which is not really the time of giving birth. You still need another month to go, but something happened and these babies were born. To be born with a small weight, and early in life like that, at a hospital with the best facilities is another thing that is wonderful. We are confident these triplets will do well at Stanger Hospital.”


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