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Mnandi celebrates the Festive Season

Mnandi celebrates the Festive Season

Festive is a Season too

Festive Seasonal Feasting

Mnandi – a Taste of Mpophomeni celebrates seasonal eating – think peas in spring, pumpkins in autumn. Eating fresh produce when it is most abundant means it tastes great and is usually cheaper too.
The Festive Season should be no different. We suggest making the most of tomatoes when they are at their peak. The cherry variety is flourishing in backyard gardens already and multi-coloured heirloom varieties are available in organic stores and at farmers markets. Rory’s Original Raw Soup (page 69) makes the best use of other locally grown summer favourites – cucumber and avocado. It is simple to make, a suitably festive colour and ideal for summer lunches in the shade.

Pick up a copy of Mnandi (crammed with seasonal inspiration) at your favourite book store, health shop or nursery or contact 083 473 3074 to have one posted to you. All proceeds from sales of Mnandi go to Mpophomeni Conservation Group projects.

And our gift to you!

Rory Clark’s Original Raw Soup

Mnandi Raw Tomato Soup

Serves 2
1 medium to large avocado. Creamy buttery Fuerte or Has work best
4 medium sized tomatoes (skins blanched off if you prefer smoother soup)
1-1 1/2 cups freshly squeezed orange juice
¼ cup warmed spring or filtered water (don’t add to much! Just enough to warm slightly and reduce sweetness of orange juice)
1/3 cucumber peeled
½ large red bell pepper (or any sweet pepper)
1 garlic clove
Good quality sea salt to taste
Garnish with coriander and/or splash of coconut cream
Optional extras: Fresh hot chilli; Tamari sauce; diced fresh mango; your favourite curry mix, sprouts.

Blend orange juice, warm water, diced tomatoes and garlic on low speed. Then add cucumber, avo and bell pepper and chilli, salt and curry powder (if you like it spicy). Blend on high for a minute or until you have a soupy consistency. Add more water if you prefer it runnier. The soup should taste smooth, slightly sweet, creamy tomatoey, spicy and yum.
Pour straight into a soup bowl and garnish.

(submitted by Nikki Brighton)



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