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Midlands Meander Education Project Sharing the Love

Midlands Meander Education Project Sharing the Love

MMEP Sharing the Love


A wonderful aspect of the work we do at the MMEP (Midlands Meander Education Project) is the appreciation many children feel about the time we spend with them. It is not unusual to receive spontaneous hugs when we see them out of context – in Howick Spar for example!  

LOVING the learning with MMEP

Positive affirmation makes us all feel better, so we were pleased to hear from a teacher at Bruntville Primary School, “Your lessons are so valuable. Please may I contact you for ideas and help going forward?

While travelling by taxi recently, Zinhle (our Superbug) was delighted to be recognized by a learner from Sibongumbomvu Primary. He told he that loved the way Fiona the Flying Ant taught and eagerly recalled the electrical circuit they had built together. “It is exciting to have a change from our usual lessons which are only theory, and do practical stuff.


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