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Midlands in pictures: May 2021

Autumn turns to winter

The Junction, Nottingham Road. Pictures: Garth Johnstone

The gorgeous oaks and plane trees are losing their colours, there’s a definite nip in the air and the cold fronts have started rolling in. As residents stock up on wood, gas supplies (plus essentials like hot chocolate and gluhwein) and prepare for the first frost, our landscape is rapidly changing, while the Midlands puts on its other suit – that of the desolate, stark, yet also beautiful Winter.

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We took a trundle and snapped some of the late Autumn, early Winter scenery and some new-ish arrivals on the Meander scene.

Rawdons is a picture, with Autumn leaves on the ground.
Wintery scenes in Nottingham Road village.

Fynn Lee’s, which opened last year, is an antiques and collectibles stop near Lion’s River.

The market at the library and agricultural hall building in Notties takes place every Saturday morning.
Putting community first. You can donate to Love Notties and make a difference.

Nguni Guy at Lion’s River.
The Local, a new-ish spot to grab a bite to eat at The Platform venue in Lion’s River.

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