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Midlands Foodies

Nikki Brighton is a locavore. It’s quite a trendy thing to be right now, but makes complete sense if you live in the abundant Midlands, or care about the state of the planet.

Gooseberries and strawberries

“I like to think I am a locavore. It’s quite a trendy thing to be right now, but makes complete sense to me.
It’s the reason I started the Dargle Local Market and then, when that took on an unlocal look, got Dargle Trade and Howick Exchange ticking along. The Midlands Barter Markets are simply heaven for a locavore and fill me with joy. With money out of the equation, the focus is squarely on the abundance in our gardens and neighbourhoods – often that we take for granted.” – Nikki Brighton

The Slow Food Menu for Change  Eat Local Challenge started on World Food Day 16 October and Nikki, who believes passionately in the principles of good, clean, fair food and the need to create a food culture that is local, sustainable and small-scale could not resist the challenge. Buying local, seasonal food with less packaging, a family could save 1000 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions per year, and eat healthier, more delicious food in the process! Nikki has been thrilled at the variety available at Farmers Markets, local shops and through the neighbourhood Midlands Barter Markets. Follow her foodie adventure which includes local apples, beetroot and cheese to turmeric and wild greens.

Cabbage carrot fennel orange salad with micro sprouts and radish-flowers


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