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Meander Chronicle, six of the best

Dudu Basi serves a meal to a youngster at Lighthouse Community Centre in Bruntville, Mooi River. Picture: Garth Johnstone

We pulled out six of the articles from recent months that we most enjoyed writing, photographing and posting.

LINK: Heart and Soul: Mooi River food relief efforts

One organisation is, with the help of volunteers, donors and some impressive community co-ordination, standing tall in its efforts to ensure the people don’t go hungry. It must be noted though, that Lighthouse Community Centre in Bruntville is not new, in fact it’s been operating for years. The Covid-19 crisis has further highlighted the vital work it does in the Mooi River community.

Taking action in Isolation

The first stop was Lidgetton, where Nokuthula Dlamini has been running Angel Ruth’s Soup Kitchen in Lidgetton Village. Nokuthula regularly provides 17 children with a nutritious meal three times a week. Since the lockdown began and the school feeding programme went dormant, however, that number has swelled and many of the children will continue coming to Nokuthula for months yet, as the return of different grades to school are phased in.

Volunteer Victoria Mnguni packs a meal for a little one at Angel Ruth’s Soup Kitchen.

Action in Isolation and local farmers and community members are assisting Nokuthula’s efforts to feed the children during lockdown.

Just like nature, maybe we should live life in the moment, for the now

“There are lessons here that we need to take seriously. Increasingly, us humans have begun to live our lives fuelled more on hearsay than reality, believing but not questioning. We fear what we can’t understand,” wrote snake man and regular contributor to The Meander Chronicle, Pat McKrill.

An eastern tiger snake. Picture: Supplied

“In nature, they’ve had to be fully aware of what’s going on around them and deal with it as it gets delivered. No certainties, they live life in the moment, for the now. And maybe, so should we.”

Tough enough for lockdown, actually not

“I genuinely thought that I had the attributes and some of the strengths that were going to be required to get through the lockdown comfortably,” wrote Garth Johnstone. “And when I say comfortably, I am referring to the mental and psychological challenges that might go with staying at home for months, in line with the president’s orders.”

But this has been a serious learning curve and many of us are finding the going a lot tougher than anticipated amid job losses, salary cuts, concerns for our friends and community, travel restrictions, booze and tobacco bans, etc.

There’s nothing A1 about this Midlands couple, they’re proudly A2

Derek Martin pictured at Tatsfield Farm in Lidgetton with one of his beloved cows. Picture: Nerissa Card

Derek and Linda Martin, of Tatsfield Farm in Lidgetton, welcomed Nerissa Card to their home. There she heard about their passion for farming, their animals and A2A2 dairy. It was great to get to know another lovely Midlands couple and learn something new about farming methods that are labour intensive and expensive, but carry the rich rewards of producing a great product and the satisfaction of truly caring for your animals.

Dr Ashika Dhulam and hubby Vishal Chaggan. Picture: Nerissa Card

There is a doctor in the house, and it’s a true family affair

Nerissa Card got to know more about Dr Ashika Dhulam and hubby Vishal Chaggan, the family team that help keep Nottingham Road’s residents hale and hearty. From Gauteng to the UK and back, and then a big move to Notties, read all about their and their family’s interesting story here.


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