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Margi’s back – now in Howick



“What should we have for dinner?”

“I don’t feel like cooking, let’s get Maggie’s.”

Sound familiar? Haven’t seen her for a while?

Margi Aylward.

Fear not. Margi Aylward is back and based in Howick, having closed her shop in Nottingham Road in April last year.

To find her, head for 7 Mare Street, where she is cooking up a storm to bring you the coffee-shop experience you remember, as well as her famous pre-cooked meals.

Soupçon of the deliciousness

If you don’t know Margi’s cooking, here is a soupçon of the deliciousness you can expect from this bubbly woman.

2kg cubed lamb with bone
3 onions
4 cloves garlic
2 mutton stock cubes in 500ml hot water.
1 whole carrot
1 stick celery with leaves
15ml black pepper corns
Shake of white pepper
3 bay leaves
4 large sprigs of mint
200ml baby peas
5 quartered medium potatoes
5 sliced carrots
Cornflour to thicken
Sprig of mint to garnish

In a heavy bottomed saucepan fry onion and garlic until glassy. Add meat and all other ingredients, but reserve peas, potatoes, carrots and cornflour. Gently simmer until meat is almost tender. Add peas and sliced carrots, and cook until tender. Thicken with cornflour to desired consistency. Serve with fluffy white rice and a sprig of mint.


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