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Lonely socks get hitched in innovative SA charity project


A clever campaign to provide assistance to the poor and needy in SA has collected thousands of odd socks to be converted into pairs and distributed to welfares and charities.

Distribution hubs are set up in centres around the country, including KZN, so those mysterious, sometimes pesky loner socks can finally find a partner and a new lease on life.

Laundry divorce

“We want the odd socks, the singles. The lonely socks that got separated from their former sock partners through some laundry divorce. We’ll pair them up and redistribute them to the homeless,” the project says on its website.

The Odd Socks Project goes on to encourage the public to please look through their cupboards, in the laundry and all the nooks and crannies for the languishing odd socks, because, “Every single sock deserves a second chance”.

Picture: The Odd Socks Project/Fcebook

TimesLive reported recently that more than 16 000 mismatched socks had been donated.

The project was launched on June 19 and at the end of August had collected 16 387 socks.

Its founder, Abrie du Plooy, told the publication that the collected socks were sorted, paired and then distributed.

“We have advertised for beneficiaries to contact us and many have. Our main distribution channel is through soup kitchens that feed the homeless people. It works well as the homeless come to the soup kitchen. We have also distributed socks to shelters, orphanages, churches with outreach programmes and of course informal settlements,” he said.

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More than 16 000 odd socks have found a home and a new purpose in life.

Good Things Guy also posted about the project, noting, “There are very few guarantees in life, but one you can almost always count on is that your socks will eventually end up unpaired. No one knows how this happens; we just know that it does.”

It noted that the project has drop-off points in Gauteng and KZN region. There are now also drop-off points in Western and Eastern Cape.

Follow the Odd Socks Project on Facebook: @theoddsocksproject or click here

On the web

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