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Liverpool club seeks info on Dargle graves

A historian in England is seeking information on a former member of a Liverpool rugby union club who – along with his wife – was buried in the Dargle in the Midlands in the 1960s.

David Bohl, who is the club historian of Sefton Rugby in Liverpool, is conducting research into the history and movements of one of its original players, Tom Paterson Owens (born 1888), who – according to his information – was buried in the Dargle in 1966. His wife was also buried there in 1961 – Emily Gertrude Owens (nee Pearse), who was born in 1894 in Pietermaritzburg.

According to the following links they were buried at the St Andrew’s Church Cemetery.

Bohl said he had found images of their graves but was unable to read what was written thereon.

“He was a remarkable man and was an officer in the King’s African Rifles in WW1 and was awarded a very high honour, the CBE in 1951,” said Bohl.

Bohl has asked The Meander Chronicle to publish this short story to find out if anyone has more information to share about the couple and their history at the Dargle.

If anyone knows more about the Owens please email him at


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