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Lighting up his piggy bank

Tai Verster

Midlands youngster embraces entrepreneurship

Eleven-year-old Tai Verster, pictured above, is not one to sit around playing computer games all day. He is out making money.

How does the Rosetta youngster do it? He makes firelighters out of organic egg boxes and leftover candle wax, which he sells at a local collectibles store and via Facebook.

Tai also has his own garden-service business, which he is trying to grow with the money he makes from his firelighters. He wants to buy a brush cutter.

Tai charges R20 for four firelighters and, so far, has made R720, R180 of which he has donated to the SPCA. To reach his target for the brush cutter, he needs to sell another 100 sets.

So what lies ahead for this young entrepreneur?

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“I am going to the US to study farming. I want to stay there and drive combine harvesters. You get paid a lot.

“Then I want to start a farm there, as well as here. My staff on both farms will be South Africans because South African people work harder and they are prepared to work overtime,” says Tai.

“I am not sure where in America yet, but probably somewhere near Canada.”

Tai Verster is not waiting for others to do for him – he’s already creating his own products to get a business going.

When Tai is not focusing on his business interests you can find him riding tractors, fixing brush cutters or taking washing machines apart to see how they work or to sell the parts.

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Although he prefers the outdoors, there are the odd computer games, but not the ones you would expect an 11-year-old to be playing. Tai enjoys playing farm-simulation games.

“And I like the ones with ‘madala’ tractors and farming gear,” says the energetic young man.

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