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Life getting you down? Then it’s time to focus on your mental health

October is the month SA focuses on mental health and there are a number of healthy ways to stay balanced. Picture: ANH NGUYEN on UNSPLASH


Each year in South Africa, October is a time to pay attention to mental health and well-being. It’s always an important concern, but perhaps never more so than in recent times.

We all know that we live in a troubled society, in number one place globally for all sorts of undesirable societal issues, such as rape, gender-based violence and so on. This year support agencies have been receiving about three times as many distress calls as normal. People are struggling with depression and everything that goes with it.

Spring has sprung, but do you know what’s springing from your cleaning products

Some of the causes are beyond our control as we obey new rules and regulations, but there are other things we should pay attention to to keep as well as we can.

Here are six areas to consider:

  • Getting out into the sunshine. We are all beginning to understand the importance of Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, for our health. And sunshine, brightness and warmth also gladden our hearts!
  • We need to move regularly. Sitting for endless hours does not serve us. It’s actually called the new smoking in terms of how damaging it is to our health.
  • We need enough sleep. It’s while we’re sleeping that our brains detoxify, process the emotions of the day and fix new learnings into our circuitry.
  • We need to take care of our environments, especially regarding the toxins that we unwittingly import into our homes. It’s said that homes are often the most toxic spaces because of the cleaning products that are used. And when we are locked down or working from home for long periods, just imagine the cumulative effects! If you’d like some advice here please get in touch.
  • And what about exposure to EMF from our electronic devices?
  • We need to actively take to care of our emotional well-being. Find something that works for you, such as meditation or prayer.

Let’s celebrate women’s health

Our nutrition is also a key factor. Organic, home-grown, unprocessed foods always serve us well. Unfortunately, in these times of stress, many of us have fallen into the trap of comfort foods – high in sugars, bad fats, empty calories and so on.

If eating well is too difficult, supplements can really help. I use them daily. Again, if you’d like to know more, get in touch with me on 084 5063 3643.


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