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King’s School pupils join global protest

Pupils from King’s School in Nottingham Road

Demanding climate change action

Pupils from King’s School in Nottingham Road joined in on a global protest this morning (Friday, March 15), as youth around the world took to the streets to protest against climate change.

Kids in New Zealand and Australia got the protests off to a flyer as thousands took to the streets to show their dissatisfaction about the state of affairs and lack of action to legislate and punish polluters.

In the UK pupils were demanding more attention to climate change in the school curriculum.

At the King’s School protest, at about 7.30am, pupil Angel Nxumalo said she was protesting because more people needed to get the message.

“Today we are striking for climate change. We are trying to stop it because it is bad for our earth and the living things in the ocean,” she said. “Birds are caught in plastic, polar bears are suffering, plants are dying and it’s just becoming worse and worse. We all feel really bad about this and are trying to convince others to join us and stop it.”

She said some people were turning a blind eye to what’s going on. “They will be protesting in Cape Town, Durban, Europe, all around the world they are marching but some people are just ignoring it. We need to spread the message.”

A banner presented at the protest action at King’s School. Pictures by Garth Johnstone

Khula Buthelezi said, “We are learning about climate change at school. It is destroying our world, that is why we are here. We are trying to teach other kids about this problem, but there is still much more we need to do.”

The kids, backed up by staff members, danced up and down, chanted their protests and waved creative signs with clever, anti-climate change slogans.

There was excitement and a stern message for officials and politicians demanding action on climate change. #strike4climate #Fridays4future


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