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It’s a superspa!

By Nerissa Card

I don’t know about you, but the prospect of visiting a spa is something that excites me no end, and a recent visit to the award-winning venue at Fordoun Hotel in Nottingham Road was more than a treat, it was pure indulgence.

Fordoun’s spa boasts an impressive list of treatments, but for me it was an Ndlovu Artemesia Deep Tissue back, neck and shoulder massage, followed by an Izinyawo foot massage.

The first uses Artemesia Afra-based oils, which stimulate circulation and respiratory systems, and help release tension. The foot massage uses wild dagga-infused products.

Wild dagga

Artemesia Afra, or African wormwood, is one of South Africa’s oldest and most popular medicinal plants, while medicinal wild dagga is noted for its mild psychoactive properties.

Both treatments use products from a range by Dr Elliott Ndlovu, a traditional healer who works closely with Fordoun.

The treatments I had don’t scratch the surface of what’s on offer at Fordoun. To mention all of them would fill this entire newspaper, so I have picked a few that I found interesting.

This is so much more than a spa… there are salt treatments, reiki, an indoor pool, gym, sauna, steam room, manicures, pedicures, reflexology, waxing, tinting, the list is endless. Picture: Tessa Buhrmann

The Nduku Nduku Massage, for example, caught my eye. This one uses knobkieries to work the back of the body.

If you are pregnant, however, you might want to forego a beating for a Juliet Armand Lucky Legs Lighten Up, which helps with poor circulation, water retention and the tiring effects of carrying extra weight.

There are also body treatments to tackle most women’s worst nightmares – wobbly bits and cellulite – or you could take a bath, alone or with your significant other.

Liquid Yoga Bath

The Liquid Yoga Bath relaxes tight shoulders and soothes tired, aching bodies, while detoxifying and re-energizing. Perfect for sports people, I would imagine.

If you aspire to royalty, why not try the Royal Zulu Bath, which, using African potato, lavender and Rooibos, soothes the mind, body and soul.

The spa also has a Turkish steam and clay treatment room and a salt-water flotation pool, which, I am told by friends, is out of this world. Then there are salt treatments, reiki, an indoor pool, gym, sauna, steam room, manicures, pedicures, reflexology, waxing, tinting, the list is endless.

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Before I knew I would be going to Fordoun, I booked a trip to Thailand to see my son. Added to my excitement was the fact that I would be able to indulge in a week of massages in that country.

I think I just saved myself a whole lot of cash, because after the fabulous treatments at Fordoun, I doubt I will be needing a massage for a while. Although, come to think of it, after nearly 30 hours of travelling back to SA come the end of my trip, I think I will be back at Fordoun in a flash. – Nerissa Card

Well-known for supporting the Midlands community, the venue offers monthly promotions for locals, so be sure to visit its Facebook page or website for details.

Voted SA’s top detox retreat by Essentials Magazine in 2015, the spa is also offering a number of detox retreats this year. For details visit the website or call 033 266 6217.


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