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In business, these girls don’t play around

Rebecca Ballance and Caitlin Lanzoni

Young Midlands entrepreneurs

By Nerissa Card

I don’t know too much about business, but it seems logical that to have a successful enterprise, one needs to identify a gap in the market and fill it.

And that is exactly what friends Rebecca Ballance and Caitlin Lanzoni have done.

Having spent years at markets all over the Midlands – Rebecca’s dad, David, runs Country Ground Coffee – the two saw a need for children’s play areas.

What sets their business apart is that instead of parents having to stand around and supervise their children, Rebecca and Caitlin take charge, leaving the folks to enjoy some peace and quiet without little ones tugging at them.

Educational aspect

And not only do the kids get to play games, there are also educational aspects to the girls’ endeavour, in the form of puzzles and colouring-in competitions, for which they award prizes.

So how and why did it all start?

“Caitlin and I both adore children, so after noticing there was a need for play areas at markets I asked her to join me in this little business. It made sense to us,” says Rebecca.

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Parents can enjoy the market knowing the kids are having fun playing, and under supervision. Picture: Scott Webb/Unsplash

The girls have their own equipment and also offer lunch – a toasted sandwich, a packet of chips and a juice. They take children up to the age of 12 and charge R50 a child.

The money they make is ploughed back into the business for food for the next market or more equipment.

What a fabulous enterprise, girls! If only you had been around when my children were young.

Pic, top: After a successful Bastille Day market recently, it was time for Caitlin Lanzoni and Rebecca Ballance to celebrate.

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