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From the HUCTO Herald (December 2017)

Newsletter of the Howick-uMngeni Community Tourism Organisation (Editor: Dick Jones)
E-mail Info Office Phone: 033-3302355

Directional signage could be in place early in 2018
THANKS to the efforts of our DA Member of Parliament, the Hon. Greg Krumbock, directional signs pointing out local places of interest for tourists could be in place on the N3 highway early next year.

Since championing the erection of signs to the Mandela Capture Site and Howick Falls in a speech during the Tourism Budget vote in Parliament last May, Mr Krumbock attended a meeting of the Portfolio Committee on Tourism last month and heard that the Committee was in favour of signposts on national roads indicating World Heritage Sites. The SA National Roads Agency also promised its support.
Mr Krumbock said in his speech that South Africa’s tourist attractions were “smothered by a suffocating bureaucracy.” In the past five years four government organisations and committees had been going nowhere slowly in erecting an N3 “brown sign” advertising the R60 million Nelson Mandela Capture site, yet a few kilometres along the highway a sign indicated the Bosch Hoek golf estate.
Bosch Hoek was a tribute to its founder’s entrepreneurial flair and its residents contributed valuable and appreciated rates to the local Municipality.

“But if we can put up a sign to an exclusive golf course several kilometres from where the greatest man who ever walked our land was captured, surely his contribution to our country deserves a sign of its own?”

“Imagine the enrichment of our shared cultural experiences, the fostering of reconciliation, and the job opportunities created if we erect a road sign directing just some of the four million motorists who pass the Capture Site and Museum on the N3 every year!”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Although the Capture Site and Museum are recently-added tourist attractions, the Howick Falls and the surrounding 32 hectares were proclaimed a National Monument as far back as 1952 and can also be classed as a Heritage Site.


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