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Howick’s Renoverge Project under way

“For many months we have been aware of state of our town. With overgrown verges, broken paving, mounds of litter lying everywhere – the time has come to do something. We can sit back and complain but that won’t solve the problem. So as Love Howick we are mobilising the community to become the solution. We can’t do everything but we can do something!”

So said well known Howick pastor Matt Hogarty, on behalf of the Love Howick Team, a community action group and NPO striving to improve the town and surrounds.

The first phase will include clearing, cutting and fixing up the various entry points to Howick, as well as installing ‘Welcome to Howick’ signs at these places. Pictures: Supplied

Hogarty said these sentiments were the heart behind the Renoverge Project launched this year by Love Howick at a gathering of community members, together with local government, who are ready to do something to make the town beautiful again, “without finger pointing or negative talk”.


The first phase will include clearing, cutting and fixing up the various entry points to Howick, as well as installing “Welcome to Howick” signs at these places. These entry points have been identified as: Merrivale Heights; Merrivale/Mpophomeni Road Intersection; Falls Drive Bridge; Karkloof Intersection; Curry’s Post Intersection; Sunfield Intersection; Tweedie Entry; Midmar Entry.

Each of the seven areas has a team leader and landscaper to co-ordinate work parties of interested community members so that the overall look of each area will be consistent with an overall design.

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“We are looking for those who have a similar vision and who are willing to partner in time, finances, building materials, plants, and various skills in gardening, fixing paving, signage and who can consistently finance a team of gardeners to keep these areas looking beautiful,” said Hogarty. “We want the entry points to our town to make all those travelling our streets go, ‘WOW!’.”

Added to this is the establishment of new “Green Spaces” in Howick, where members of the public will again we able to enjoy beautiful garden areas in the CBD.

Young and old are encouraged to get stuck in and restore Howick to its former beauty.


Hogarty said this work was being done by Love Howick volunteers and various businesses in partnership with the local municipality, but more help was required.

“The first two ‘green spaces’ identified are Goddard Park (at Howick Falls) and Central Park (corner of Bell and Harvard Streets).

*If you would like to be involved in any of these projects, you can contact or sign up as a volunteer on the Love Howick website ( Phone 033 330 3456 for all queries. – Chronicle Reporter


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